I had the chance to do some personal styling for Chantal Costen, producer at BET. Here’s what she had to say about the experience:

I heard about Courted! through a friend who spoke highly of Courtney as an individual.  At the time I had just pitched an online show to my company and was in dire need of a personal stylist.  Now I’m the kind of girl who gets overwhelmed at the mall.  I’d like to think I have some sort of style but I knew that embarking on a new career I needed a complete makeover.  When I called Courtney she was very personable, professional and asked all the right questions. Over a few conversations I was able to communicate with her my needs and she was able to get a great sense of my personality and style.  Two days later she met me at the mall and literally changed my life.  I have never had such a pleasant shopping experience before.  My job was to kick back and try on clothes.  Courtney’s taste and sense of style was exactly what I needed to build a solid wardrobe and boost my confidence.  She was able to find unique outfits that fit my body type and the accessories that she picked were outstanding as well.  I received so many compliments each time I wore items from my new wardrobe, it was almost like people were looking at a completely new woman.  It’s very rare to find someone as AMAZING as Courtney and I must say that I was 100% pleased with my Courted! experience!